About Us

We are a food truck based out of Choctaw, OK that serves sweet, savory and seriously delicious creations made on waffle irons. 

Formed from a passion for running and working in a restaurant that I discovered while helping in the kitchen of my friend's hometown restaurant then continuing to pursue this industry further by learning step by step from server to manager in Landry's, Inc. ​Now, after a 15 year break from the restaurant scene to be a stay-at-home mom to our three amazing kids, I am able to rekindle that passion by owning and opperating a food truck. I am excited to offer these fun and yummy creations to many throughout the OKC metro and beyond!!  
Our WaffleD Creations
  1. Traditional Waffles
    Traditional Waffles
    You can't go wrong any time of the day with a good ole waffle! We offer several toppings and additions to suit you tastebuds. How about Peanut Butter or Nutella? Yes please! And top it with syrup!
  2. Creative Sandwiches
    Creative Sandwiches
    Your WaffleD Grilled Ham & Cheese can be traditional or fired up with jalapeño added right into the batter! Other additions include cheese and bacon.
  3. CinnaWaffle
    Waffled cinnamon rolls topped with homemade icing!
  4. The Waffo
    The Waffo
    This waffled creation starts with our cheddar cornbread waffle, it is then topped with refried beans, taco meat, sour cream, salsa and cheese. This is one of my family's favorites! I love adding jalapenos to this waffle!